Exploring Wildlife on Baldwin County Golf Courses

The Gulf of Mexico's Baldwin County is a popular tourist destination, with its white sand beaches and Gulf State Park. The park is home to an 18-hole professional golf course, as well as 900-acre Lake Shelby. The Grand Hotel Golf Resort and Spa, part of the Marriott Hotels Autograph collection, offers visitors access to the beaches of Mobile Bay, as well as restaurants, a pool complex and a renovated and expanded historic hotel. The partner golf course, The Lakewood Club, is part of the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. The city of Fairhope was established in 1894 as a model community based on what Ernest Berry Gaston called cooperative individualism.

The Foley Depot Museum houses exhibits on the logging and railroad history of the area, and the Holme de Foley Medical Museum contains exhibits related to science and the history of medicine. In 1901, Chicago businessman John Burton Foley bought about 50,000 acres in Baldwin County and built the railroad station that now houses the Foley Railroad Museum. Fort Morgan was the site of the Fort Mims massacre in August 1813, in which more than 250 settlers, rival creeks and militiamen died. Every October, Baldwin County hosts its Shrimp Festival, which attracts 200,000 visitors a year and features a variety of shrimp dishes, artwork, crafts and music. The Alabama Coast Birding Trail is 200 miles long and consists of six birdwatching circuits between Baldwin County and Mobile County.

What type of wildlife can be found on the golf courses in Baldwin County?

Golf courses in Baldwin County are home to a variety of wildlife.

Many species of birds can be seen on the courses, including redfish, flounder, grouper, dinosaur and other birds. Coyotes and geese are also common sights on golf courses in Baldwin County. Every year, fishermen and residents experience what is known as the “Jubilee Phenomenon” during which various types of aquatic animals migrate to shallow waters. Because of this abundance of wildlife on golf courses in Baldwin County, many golf courses do not control wildlife at all. It is up to the owners of the surrounding area to solve any problems that directly affect their homes, pets or properties. Part of the appeal and enjoyment of golf courses and golf in general is being outdoors and enjoying Mother Nature.

With its abundance of wildlife, Baldwin County's golf courses offer visitors a unique opportunity to observe nature up close.

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