Golfing in Baldwin County: How Deep are the Bunkers on Each Course?

Golfers of all levels can enjoy the stunning beauty and challenge of the golf courses in Baldwin County, Alabama. From the Rock Creek Golf Club to the Craft Farms Golf Resort, each course offers a unique experience with staggered exit boxes, extensive bunkers, top-quality putt surfaces, and lush conditions all year round. The Rock Creek golf course was designed by veteran golf course architect and southeastern favorite Earl Stone. Spanning 6,900 yards, this 18-hole course is perfect for long-distance players, but also fun and encouraging for golfers who play from the front tees.

A short drive from Mobile, Alabama, Rock Creek Golf Club offers a truly unique golfing venue in the South Alabama region. At Craft Farms Golf Resort, golfers can enjoy 36 holes of golf designed by golf icon Arnold Palmer. With tall pine trees and hardwood forests lining every street and freshwater wetlands extending throughout the countryside, this course is visually stimulating and a true test of golf. Strategy and precision define the difference between a bogey and a birdie.If you play from the highest height of any of these courses, it will be an interesting challenge to reach the green in two or three minutes. But how deep are the bunkers on each course? The unique features of each course separate them from the others.

The bunkers on each course vary in depth depending on their location on the course. Generally speaking, they range from two to four feet deep. No matter which course you choose to play at in Baldwin County, you'll discover one of the best-equipped 18-hole professional golf courses in Alabama. Relax and enjoy the beauty of these courses while challenging yourself to reach that birdie.

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