Booking Tee Times Online at Baldwin County Golf Courses

Golfers looking for a great golf experience in Baldwin County, Alabama, have plenty of options to choose from. The Rock Creek Golf Club, located in Fairhope, offers 6920 yards of golf with a par of 72. It is a full-service golf club with an award-winning restaurant and a variety of social activities and events designed for the whole family. The Preserve on Soldier's Creek is another 18-hole golf course in Baldwin County, near Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. It offers superior playing conditions and eagle shooting ranges.

Originally part of the Lucky Baldwin ranch and later an army balloon school, it is one of the best public golf courses in the area. Crystal Springs Resort is another great destination for a golf getaway. It has 6 spectacular golf courses to choose from. The Craft Farms Golf Resort also offers 36 holes of golf designed by golf icon Arnold Palmer.

Golfers can book tee times online for each course at the golf courses in Baldwin County. Becoming a Rewards member at Rock Creek Golf Club offers several benefits, including 3 free rounds, departure times 21 days in advance, preferential rates and loyalty points for playing at the best golf courses in New Jersey.

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