What Type of Sand is Used on Golf Course Bunkers in Baldwin County?

From the tee to the green, the sand you use can have a major impact on your golf game. The right sand can improve the consistency and playability of tees, bunkers and greens, making it essential to find the right sand for your field. Boswell and shaper Tom Topp recently met to renovate the bunkers and hole complexes at Lassing Pointe golf course in Baldwin County. Roberts had a vacation home in Avery County and knew that the Linville Golf Club used spruce sand. Sycamore Ridge has earned a reputation as one of Kansas City's premier public golf courses with its impressive combination of folded grass, white sand bunkers and 18 holes of exciting and challenging play.

Investing in the right golf sand is a combination of finding a high-performance product and the right people to help you create the distinctive look of your course. Lassing Pointe has a long history as one of the best golf courses in Kentucky, serving thousands of golfers each year. The same sand used in Augusta is used at Burnsville's Mount Mitchell Golf Club, and golf superstar Tiger Woods said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that he was recently delivered three truckloads of local sand directly to his home in Florida. BESTSAND has been supplying the turf industry for more than 40 years, including 52 of the 100 best golf courses in the United States. Boone County Golf plans to implement Phase 1 of the bunker renovation project starting in October of this year. Then, Roberts, the Augusta golf professional and Spruce Pine businessman and manager of the Linville golf club, Claude Greene, and others got together.

This project includes 18-hole golf fees, a golf car with GPS, a gift for the tee, prizes from the hole contest, prizes with 26% prizes and a lunch at a taco bar. Boone County Golf is pleased to announce that they are now ready to begin their bunker renovation project at Lassing Pointe golf course. With their commitment to providing high-quality sand for their bunkers, they are sure to create an even more enjoyable experience for all their golfers.

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