Golfing in Baldwin County: How Long are the Holes on Each Course?

Golfers of all levels can enjoy the stunning visuals and challenging courses of Baldwin County, Alabama. From the 6,900-yard course perfect for long hitters to the 27-hole GlenLakes Golf Club, there's something for everyone. But how long are the holes on each course?The 18-hole course in Baldwin County spans 6,900 yards, making it ideal for those who like to hit long drives. It's also fun and encouraging for golfers who play from the tee.

The Lakewood Club is a 36-hole golf resort affiliated with the Grand Hotel Golf Resort and Spa, just south of Fairhope. Silver Lakes is another 36-hole golf resort in Glencoe, Calhoun County. The Rock Creek golf course was designed by veteran golf course architect Earl Stone and features 27 unforgettable holes. The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail (The Trail) is a series of championship-caliber public golf courses across Alabama. It was inspired by Field of Dreams, a 1989 Hollywood film in which a farmer builds a baseball field to attract tourism.

Robert “Bobby” Vaughan, former golf director of the Tanglewood Golf Club in Clemmons, North Carolina, formed a design team for the project with the help of Bronner. The Trail has led to several state-funded projects in other southern states.The courses on The Trail were designed with the belief that every hole of golf should be “a tough pair but an easy bogey”. This makes them visually stimulating and a true test of golf strategy and precision. Many consider this to be one of the best trips in the world and it was featured in the book Fifty Places to Play Golf Before You Die by Chris Santella. So if you're looking for a great golfing experience in Baldwin County, Alabama, you won't be disappointed.

With courses ranging from 6,900 yards to 27 holes, there's something for everyone.

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