Booking Lessons at Baldwin County Golf Courses

Golfers looking for a unique and unforgettable experience should look no further than the Rock Creek Golf Club in Baldwin County, Alabama. Located on the east coast of Mobile Bay, this golf club offers one of the best courses in South Alabama, with a magnificent view of the imposing San Gabriel Mountains. The professional staff, convenient location and ample free parking make it an excellent place for any meeting, whether golf-related or not. Originally part of the Lucky Baldwin ranch and later an army balloon school, Rock Creek is one of the best public golf courses in Los Angeles County. At Rock Creek, golfers can book lessons online for each course.

The Preserve on Soldier's Creek is an impressive 18-hole golf course near Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, with superior playing conditions and eagle shooting ranges. In addition to golfing, Rock Creek is a full-service golf club with an award-winning restaurant and a variety of social activities and events designed for the whole family. For groups of 16 to 144 golfers, let the staff at Rock Creek take care of all the details and carry out your corporate event to perfection. The club also specializes in one-of-a-kind weddings, banquets and special events with 2700 square feet of elegant interior space. With excellent playing conditions and magnificent views of the imposing San Gabriel Mountains, it's the perfect place to enjoy 18 holes of golf. So if you're looking for a unique golfing experience in Baldwin County, Alabama, look no further than Rock Creek Golf Club.

With its convenient location, professional staff and ample free parking, it's the perfect place to enjoy 18 holes of golf or host your next corporate event.

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