How Many Tee Boxes Are Available at Baldwin County Golf Courses?

Golfers of all levels can enjoy the beautiful courses in Baldwin County, Alabama, near Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. With a variety of courses ranging from low-cost municipal courses to world-class golf courses, there are plenty of options to keep you busy for several hours on the field. Most golf courses have at least three sets of tees: the front tee, the center tee and the rear (or championship) tee. The Preserve on Soldier's Creek is an impressive 18-hole golf course in Baldwin County, with superior playing conditions and eagle shooting ranges.

Hole 6 of the Chippewa golf course offers golfers numerous options from the tee, as the road winds around a pond that ends just before the green. At the highest point in Cuyahoga County is the Seneca Golf Course in Broadview Heights, a beautiful 36-hole park-style golf course that sits on 350 acres of land. With 5 sets of tee boxes, Seneca is no longer just a course for legends, but a course for all golfers. The tee boxes are almost perfect, the fairways are very good and the greens are good, almost very good. This course will improve even more.

The design is like a state park, very serene. When you arrive at one of the largest green complexes on the golf course, you'll see two deep bunkers just to the left of the green that seem to accumulate a lot of approach shots.

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