Golf Courses in Baldwin County: What Services are Available?

Golfers of all levels can enjoy the stunning views of Baldwin County, Alabama, with its many golf courses. From the Rock Creek Clubhouse's full-service restaurant and outdoor patio to the 54-hole Magnolia Grove course, there is something for everyone. The Golf Advisory Committee provides recommendations and advice on golf-related topics, and the Office of Golf Operations can be contacted for information on upcoming meetings. Azalea City Golf Course at Mobile's Langan Park is a full-service course that caters to all handicaps.

It is part of the RTJ golf trail and offers golf packages. The Los Angeles County Junior Golf Program (LACJGP) provides youth with the opportunity to experience the game of their life. Beginners can take their game to the next level here. All five courses are public, but Country Club of Mobile is a private course if you want to try something different.

The oldest public golf course in Mobile, Country Club of Mobile has served the metropolitan area for nearly 100 years. Its two courses, Falls Course and Crossings Course, are part of Golf Digest's “Places to Play” list as one of the most affordable courses in the United States.

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