Golfing in Baldwin County: What Amenities are Available on Each Course?

Rock Creek is a popular golf course for locals, members and visitors alike, thanks to its fun and easy-to-play design. The course features tree-lined streets and spacious landing areas, as well as large undulating greens with two-level golf surfaces. Golfers of all levels can enjoy the challenge of the course, as well as the prestigious tournaments hosted in Alabama. The Marquette Trails Country Club was built and designed by Joe Balulis, Bill Kater and Seth Bidwell in May 1964. It originally opened as a nine-hole course, but has since been expanded to 18 holes. Baldwin County golf courses offer a variety of services, such as golf classes and spa services, in addition to the land where golf is played.

The Earl Stone-designed Rock Creek golf course is the centerpiece of the residential community of Rock Creek, and is a must-play for serious golfers. Baldwin County, located in South Alabama, has 24 golf courses that serve a population of 203,360 people in an area of 1,590 square miles. Whether you have a handicap or not, you'll find plenty of options to keep you busy for several hours on the field. A typical golf course includes at least one 9- or 18-hole playing course, practice areas for driving and putting, changing rooms, lockers and showers, a club venue with restaurant and bar, golf shop and a parking area. The Rock Creek golf course spans 6,900 yards, making it perfect for long-distance players while still being fun and encouraging for those who play from the front tees. Tall pine trees and hardwood forests line every street and freshwater wetlands extend throughout the countryside, adding to the stunning visual effects of the countryside.

Some courses may also offer services such as a gym, swimming pools or tennis courts. You'll discover one of the best-equipped 18-hole professional golf courses in Baldwin County when you visit Rock Creek. There are a variety of golf courses in Baldwin County to choose from, ranging from low-cost municipal courses to world-class golf courses.

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